Located in Central Arizona's Verde Valley and serving the high-end Sedona market for the last ten years, I have had the good fortune of being involved with some of the most interesting and demanding projects in the area. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, the focus on the processing of wood is now second to providing professional service to the home decor and building industry.

For several years in the late eighties and early nineties, the business was about building solid wood furniture and marketing through art galleries that featured fine furniture primarily in Arizona, California and New Mexico. I began working directly with Design Group Architects in Sedona, Arizona in 1995 and continue to do so today. The designs are both artful and creative and that has led me to innovate in the use of materials and fabricating methods.

My projects start with plans, presentation drawings and specifications from the designers. My job is to turn concepts into reality. Materials, their availability, construction methods, delivery schedules and cost
considerations all have to come together to make that happen. A shop
drawing is then prepared, presented and confirmed. It is not uncommon to "tweak" a design as new information is presented. There is never a charge for these changes unless it results in a substantial amount of extra time or materials. It's part of the process of getting exactly what a client wants.






My shop was custom built for an efficient flow of work from one area to another. My machines are of good quality and my blades are sharp! I do all of my own sharpening except for carbide tooling. My shop is clean, comfortable, well organized and ideal for the kind of work that I do, with low overhead costs. I consider my work place the most important tool that I have.

I specialize in custom veneering. It opens up design possibilities not available in solid wood and pre-manufactured panels. I use raw, unbacked veneer. It can be seamed and oriented in any fashion utilizing exotic species, highly figured woods and burls that are not practical in any other way. With custom veneering, an entire kitchen can be created with consistency and color for a truly high-end contemporary look.

















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